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Body Linens

These pictures show a selection of my work from the past twenty years. As far as possible I have only featured individuals who have given their informed consent; if you appear here and would rather not, please contact me to have the picture removed.

‘Body linens’ were a separate branch of needlework, but plain underwear isn't very photogenic! A selection of the decorative seams and details copied from 16th– and 17th–century shirts.

Tudor swaddling, the grand set and the plain set.

Photography by Henrietta Clare for the Tudor Tailor, used with permission.

Grand set of swaddling, including shirt, cap and wrapping bands.

Body linens, eighth to twelfth century. The embroidered shirt was made for 'King Offa' and the pleated gores are based on an alb of Thomas Becket.

Photography by Steve Ryal for the Medieval Tailor's Assistant.

Highly decorated shirt for a King Offa event.

A selection of the decorative seams and details copied from 16th and 17th century shirts.

Decorative seam on a shirt

Ruffs, cuffs and collars displayed fine laundry work as well as lace and linen.

Fine linen cuff.

The banner is my personal take on the nineteenth-century plain-sewing sampler.

A banner with the word FORWARD embroidered onto it.

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