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I'm offering some one-off items for sale, as detailed below. Please note the sizes: they are all quite small and either they'll fit you, or they won't. The low prices reflect the fact that these are old stock, though only one garment shows any marks of wear.

Serious prospective purchasers are welcome to contact me for more details and to discuss delivery, which will be charged at cost.

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These images were copied by Sarah from original sources.

These images were copied by Sarah from original sources and are an important part of her research into medieval garments.

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Man’s fashionable garments, c.1350-80 £300
DOUBLET Vintage linen inner and outer, lightly quilted with layers of linen (I think).
COTEHARDIE Pure wool broadcloth, lined soft woollen. Real fur tippets, creature unidentified (looks like teddy-bear fur).
ACTUAL DIMENSIONS for the doublet. For chest size, measure with lungs filled.
  Front view of the doublet.
Chest 97 cm (38”)
Waist 79 cm (31”)
Centre back length, neck to waist 46 cm (18”)
Sleeve from shoulder 67 cm (26”)
Top arm girth 34 cm (13”)
  Rear view of the doublet.
Garment length from shoulder 66 cm (26”)
These items were made about 1996 for research, and have been displayed a lot but worn very little.
The doublet was the first I made by modelling and the construction is experimental: the body, hips, sleeves and collar were quilted as sub-assemblies and then oversewn together. The condition is good.
Sleeve buttons are vintage metal. All hand sewn. Detail of the neck. Detail of the sleeve buttons.
The cotehardie was made to fit over the doublet. The main seams are machined but this is not visible; the dagged hem is left raw.
Garment length 93 cm (36.5”)
This outfit ought to include a hood, and a belt possibly worn at hip level. The doublet currently has no fixings for hose.
Front view of the red and yellow cotehardie. Details of the buttons, hem and fur of the cotehardie.


Gown and kirtle 1450 – 1480 Size 12-14 £200
KIRTLE Experimental waist-seam pattern, made about 1994. Lovely heather medley wool twill, bodice lined linen. This is essentially an undergarment, to be worn under the gown. Has been worn, but good clean condition. Machine sewn (visible inside skirt) and hand finished. Front (3/4) view of the grey kirtle.
Actual measurements:
Bust 92 cm (36”)
Waist 76 cm (30”)
Centre back nape to waist 40 cm (16”)
Skirt length from waist 95 cm (37.5”)
Neckline and sleeve of the kirtle  
GOWN classic flared-from-shoulder shape with narrow collar and turn-back cuffs. All wool, fashionable mustard-colour broadcloth outside and lightweight grey inside. The neck has been altered because this is the first one I ever made, in 1990, when the books said the back was V-shaped as well. Overall good condition, but some spot stains. This gown needs a high belt to complete it; it could be worn showing the kirtle lacing. Machine sewn seams but all hand finishing.
  Front (3/4) view of the mustard gown
Length from front shoulder to hem 150 cm (59”)
Sleeve length from shoulder (excludes cuff) 60cm (23.5”)
Hem circumference is about 3.5 m (11’ 6”)
Below: cuff turned back. Right: cuff turned down
Side view of the mustard gown
Detail of the back of the gown neck.
collar, folded up.


Smock and cotte, 1100-1180 Size 12-14 £250
SMOCK and COTTE (or CHAINSE and BLIAUT, to be posh) featured in the Medieval Tailor’s Assistant (2nd edition). These are unfitted garments, unlined and all hand sewn. Made about 2010, unworn.
SMOCK Soft vintage linen, made with faced neck and wrists with topstiching. Sleeves are over-long and should be pleated at the wrists when laundered. Front (3/4) view of the smock.
Length from shoulder 126 cm (49.5”)
Width at bust 106 cm (42”)
– to fit 92-94 cm (36-37”)
Neck and shoulder of the smock.
COTTE Pure wool. charcoal lozenge twill (Cloth Hall’s finest) hand sewn, with red worsted edge stitching. This was made to try out pleated side gores and no centre gores for a fashionable but not extreme version of contemporary style.
  Front view of grey cotte.
Length from shoulder 134 cm (53”)
Width at bust 98 cm (38.5”)
-to fit 92-94 cm (36-37”)
Detail of the hem.
Details of the gore.